Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Story BC (before children)

Am I going to be another one of those people who exclaim "I can't believe it's November already?" Why yes, I am! Another month down, another month closer to Christmas (another month closer to my exams... eeeeeekk!)

Another month also brings with it a whole new set of challenges though which is always good. Angela at Scrap Friends has certainly not disappointed with this fabulous sketch for the November challenge. Instantly inspired!

I started with that fabulous background paper by Glitz Design (which I just couldn't bring myself to tear into as the sketch suggested..... forgive me) So instead I tried to add some painted details down each side to represent the relative difference of the central panel. An idea that didn't quite come across as planned! Oh well. You live and learn :-)

After that I just tried to stick to the sketch as best as I could for all the bits and pieces around the photo. I added the chevron details, and the banner edges, the 'you and me' title, and the hearts (I realised after I uploaded that my parenthesis embellishment must have fallen off before I took the photos!) You can check out the mix and match of supplies I've used at the bottom of this post. They're all from Scrap Friends of course.

I also had to take leave from the sketch when working out where to add my journaling (only because there's no suggested area for it on the sketch) and we all know I simply had to write about something!
This time it was my thoughts on waiting a few years after getting married before having children. We were married 3 years before falling pregnant and we found that time essential for making sure we were strong in our own relationship without the added stresses of raising children. But that's our story, and obviously plenty of people do it differently and do it well :-)

So if you're feeling inspired by this sketch too then why don't you give our challenge a go? There's a $25 gift voucher up for grabs for the random winner, and some Guest DT positions too. All the details can be found on the Scrap Friends blog here. And don't forget we also run a Colour Challenge released in the middle of the month. You won't want to miss what we've got planned for our next one (we just may have been sponsored by a major Manufacturer and have some of their fabulous DT Guesting for us. Wink wink!) But in the meantime our current one is still going strong :-)




  1. thats a lovely theme for a layout, can I even remember life before kids???? its only 6yrs ago!!! Love your take on the sketch :D

  2. Oh my gosh!!! What a great LO!!!! Lovely styling! Cute photo!
    xo maria

  3. Your layout came out great!! Love the hearts...especially the green dotted one with red over top (very cute detail)! xo Evie


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