Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Story of a Poker Champion

Sorry for my bloggy absence. That's what a week of night duty followed by a week of holidays will do to a person! I've been studying hard whilst I work, and then holidaying hard and doing a bit of this....

That be playing card games and scrapbooking!

My family have always been a bit fond of the games. We play whatever strikes our fancy. 500, Pictionary, Boggle. I even convinced them to join with me in plenty of rounds of Scumbags and Warlords when I was a student.

But what with my dad's name actually being James Bond (no joke... that's true!) it was surely only a matter of time before we turned to Poker :-) And it turns out he's actually quite the Poker Champion. Naturally. Recently he entered a competition that ultimately ended up with him coming like 40th in the country.

So with my Dad's new-found obsession with poker, that's now become our game of choice. Whenever we get together as a family - this is what we do.



  1. LOVE games....played scrabble with myself on the cruise [sad, I know!!!]....better than ARGUING with Tom [he cheats & reckons I do. HMMPHH!!] Dad used to play poker with us when we were kids with matches, so your LO takes me back....& does your Dad look as suave & sohpisticated as James Bond & the dude on your LO???!!!!


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