Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Story of Sad School Days

When Munchy first started going to school Moodles found it really hard to adapt. Some days we would find her like this, standing at the front door calling out for her sister to come home. Heartbreaking isn't it?

I guess it's also comforting in some ways that these two girls have such a strong connection. They get along really well, and are always looking out for one another. I just pray it stays that way ;-)

When I was making this layout I wanted to reflect the sadness of the situation so I focused on neutral tones and included the clouds across the bleak skyline as my major embellishment.

That's probably one reason why I'm dissatisfied with this layout - because it's not my usual bright and happy kind of page. But it's real life and that's why it's important to document in my opinion. The other reason is because it's one of those pages where I had an idea in my head about how it would look and it never quite made it. Never mind!

She's much better at letting Munchy go to school now though. In fact, now she's learned that it's also a great opportunity to have special adventures with Daddy, play with the toys uninterrupted and generally exert her independence. So it's not all bad!



  1. I really love how your focus is always the story...good or's such a great 'life diary' ....soooo different from your normal style...but it works so well...saw you in the latest SBM...that was pared back to your usual, too....keeping us guessing:):):)

  2. Fabulous, love that pic and the arangement of the houses are so awesome.

  3. Love this Natalie!! love it a lot!

  4. What a lovely layout and a precious memory!

  5. So nice. Always unique and enchanting.

  6. so cool! a Doc scrapper! :):) im in awe!

  7. Very sweet page. I love the buildings and the clouds, everything works so well. Congrats on the Evalicious DT :)


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