Friday, November 9, 2012

The Story of More Boy Bling

So I'm going to try much harder this month to take part in a few challenges if I can find the time. Starting with this one ('cos it's easy!)

So I made this card (above). It's a complete Scrap Lift of Sarah Martina Parker's card (below). But that's the idea! It's one of the current challenges going on the Russian Scrap Lifting blog.

I changed it up a bit though whilst keeping the colour scheme and important details the same.

Like filling the background of my letters with aluminum foil because I didn't any silver doilies! Hee heee :-) Lucky for me I've got an abundance of FWAB bling in all the right colours so that part was a breeze.

I had in mind that I was going to use this as a baby boy card. But when I mentioned that to The Man he was rather surprised. More about it being for a boy, rather than it being for a baby. Can I get away with it do you think?

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