Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Story of Moodle's 3rd Birthday

I admit that sometimes I'm not the world's greatest mother. Like a couple of days ago for example when it was Moodle's birthday and The Man called me from the car to say he was almost home which meant we could celebrate the occasion together as a family for the first time. And then he said, "I've got her present in the back of the car, have you made a card?"

And I totally flipped out.
Because I hadn't.

So I rushed around my scrap room finding lots of purple things ('cos that's her favourite colour) and lots of fun birthday-type embellishments. And I slapped them all down and sprinkled it with glitter. It turns out the 3 on the journaling card and on the Scrabble chip were just a very happy coincidence. I did a little victory dance :-)

And she was none-the-wiser and enjoyed every minute of her day.
The End.

PS. She got a bike



  1. Awww what a agorgeous card Natalie, and a very happy belated 3rd birthday to your little princess :-) love reading your posts XX

  2. I love this card! The florish and stars look great. Thank goodness for happy coincidences. :)

  3. Super cute! Happy Birthday Moodles! :)

  4. PS: I'm gonna save this post & send it to her on her 21st birthday so she really knows what a wicked mother she has!!!!LOL...nah....gotta let 'em think you're all wise, knowing & perfect for a while longer...& it's a great card...made with much last-minute love:):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, LOVE the photo of the candle blowing. Priceless:):)

  5. THats not being a bad mum, thats just being a mum. Oh and i wish i could make such a pretty card in a few minutes!!

  6. Adorable card. My 3 year old great granddaughter's favorite color is purple also.


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