Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sugar Rush Reveal Part 2

It's HERE, it's here! The Studio Calico Sugar Rush Kits are now ON SALE to everyone. You really should rush because these are bound to sell out quick :-)

I blogged my first 3 layouts here, and now it's time to show you the rest. I just could not stop creating this month! Part of it was because I had more time to play around this time, but mostly it was because these kits really spoke to me. They're just my style and colours! And even though there's a bit of a romantic Valentine's Day theme to them you'll notice that none of the following 3 layouts have anything to do with love!! Well... not in an obvious way!

4. "Things to Remember on a Bad Day"

I used mainly the Gum Drop Add On for this layout, with a bit of the Main Kit thrown in too (the pink alphas, cloud, deer, and plastic hearts). It started with a story I wanted to tell. Well, not a story as such. If I wrote in a diary then this would be a diary entry, but I guess that's why I scrapbook instead. It serves the same purpose for emotional therapy by journaling it all out.

I don't think scrapbook layouts have to always be sunshine and lollipops. I think they should be real life. And real life throws you some bad days occasionally. That's why I thought the stamp in this Add On was perfect for my page, and why I turned the Gold Dipped Leaves into raindrops by trimming off one end to suit the theme better too.

Earlier this year I had a really difficult week at work. It's easy to forget that the field of Obstetrics has difficult situations and bad outcomes too. And usually when it's bad in Obstetrics... it's real bad. I won't go into the details but it really rocked me emotionally. The type of rocking that made me think thoughts like 'is this what I really want to do for the rest of my life?'

And then came a moment that reminds me why I love this job and why I get so much satisfaction from it. Ironically it started off difficult too... a baby's life hanging in the balance. It was stuck in the birth canal, giving us only minutes to try and deliver it. After some nail-biting moments of watching others attempt some manoeuvres I was able to rush in and try a different technique to deliver this baby safely to it's anxious parents. The impressed and grateful Dad asked what my name was (yes in the emergency of the situation I had failed to introduce myself properly!) and immediately named his new daughter 'Natalie'. What an honour! What a life-changing moment! Yes I love my job!!

So the pages of journaling are hidden behind my photo in this type of book which is attached to my page. It allowed me all the space I needed to write it all out, whilst keeping the details obscured from view.

5. "Countdown"
On a much lighter note my next layout is about scrapping my New Years Eve photos!

I've used the whole mix of kits on this one. The papers, Amy Tangerine stamps, Silver Triangles and Chipboard Cameras are from the Jelly Beans Add On. The kraft die-cuts are from the Sugar Rush Main Kit, whilst the Gold Alpha Stickers and Clips are from the Gum Drop Add On. The Chipboard Stars are from Rock Candy Add On, and did I mention there's a digital stamp on my photo from the Card Kit Digital package?!!

It was all those gold and silver bits that made me think of celebrations, and New Years Eve was a recent one obviously! It was one of the first opportunities I had to test out my new dSLR camera and I was really happy with how these photos came out. I'm no expert, but it sure makes a difference from my iPhone pics ;-)

6. "Mr Whippy Came By"
My last layout took me right back to the beginning again as the only thing on here that's not from the Sugar Rush Main Kit is the Silver Triangles from the Jelly Beans Add On.

Inspired by the Ice-Cream Die Cuts from Life Love Paper, I used those Silver Triangles to represent the cones, and Enamel Dots for sprinkles. That was a little genius moment if I do say so myself ;-) I literally did a little fist-pump when I thought of it!
But if you follow me on Instagram then you're probably asking yourself how did a layout about ice-cream make me teary?

The story goes like this: it was my niece's 1st birthday and we were having a party in the sunshine. There were lots of kids around and plenty of family too of course. Suddenly we heard the chimes of a Mr Whippy coming around the corner. I bet he wasn't anticipating having 25 customers at one stop, but it was the perfect moment for us! As we go rushing out the front to buy ice-cream my Grandmother states "can I have one too? I've never had Mr Whippy before and I'd like to try it". 80-something years my Grandmother is, with all that life-experience behind her and I still get the privilege of sharing this 'first' (and possibly only) moment with her.

So there you go! Have I convinced you to fall in love with Sugar Rush as much as I have?! LOL!
Check out the whole release here, and perhaps sign up for a subscription so you don't miss out on a thing (think: shopping 12 hours earlier, exclusive deals, freebies, and more!)

Happy Scrapping,

Sugar Rush Kits and Coordinating Supplies I Used:


  1. MY GOSH!! You certainly have been scrapping up a storm! These are lovely...probably the little Natalie one resonates the most & I LOOOOVE the hidden looks like an A4, too??? Love the bling!!!

  2. It does look like an amazing kit and you have showcased it so well. I love how much of your life you capture in your layouts. I always leave the journaling until the end and then just want to finish the LO and move onto the next project so it's always brief and boring. I really should try to capture more like you do.

  3. Oh wow these are fantastic! The kit looks super yummy! :)

  4. AWWW....I LOVE the story about "little" Natalie...what a great reaffirmation!!!


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