Friday, November 19, 2010

Can you believe it?

My little girl is one year old today!
I'm not going to get all soppy (at least not yet) I'll simply show you her Year in the Chair photos so you can see for yourself how much she's grown.

 December - 1 month old

January - 2 months

February - 3 months

March - 4 months

April - 5 months

May - 6 months

June - 7 months

July - 8 months

August - 9 months

September - 10 months
October - 11 months 

The last one is of course taken today on her birthday.
Happy Birthday to our little Moodles.


  1. What a great way of recording the first year! Hope you all have a special fun day together. x

  2. so cute!!!
    Happy birthday, Moodles!!!!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday this song is just for you! Happy Happy Birthday your just so cute arn't YOU!

    (thanks for the heads up on the bird:)

  4. So cute! Each moth she gets more adorable! Happy Birthday Kiddo!

  5. What sweet photos - she is absolutely adorable and photographing her with the bear is such a great idea!


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