Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just cruising along

Last days for my December Giveaway. 

My roster has me working every Friday as a night shift. It's a funny roster, given that I still work Monday to Thursday during normal work hours. But honestly, as much as I complain about it, it probably actually gives me more hours with my family than otherwise.

And it's got one other perk.

In order to try and throw my body-clock around for the Friday night shift, I stay up as late as possible on Thursday night, usually until about 3am. And of course, I kill that time by scrapping the night away!

So this is what I whipped up last time.
I am a bit behind on my 'Month in the Chair' layouts - this one is for October.
(you might notice that in my sleep-deprived state I managed to slice the corner off my cardstock.... in the sewing machine of all places!)

I just received my November kit (Napa Valley) from Studio Calico last weekend, so this is the first layout I've made with it.  I've been inspired by Jen Jockisch's style for this page. I love the way she layers colour blocks or paper strips and then adds some dimensional embellishments over the top.

I've journalled about some of the milestones Little Moodles made in the month of October. Mostly she progressed in her mobility, and advanced to cruising around the furniture or walking behind her trolley - hence why this layout is called 'Cruising'.

Tell me.... who inspires you?


  1. Great work!!!!!
    Really awesome! Love the cutting details!
    Perfect page!

  2. this is just so fab Natalie, I too love Jen Jockish's work but can never seem to pull it off, you def have!

  3. This is such a fresh and pretty LO. Those butterflies seem to be almost dancing off the page. I'm currently inspired by Michelle Clements' Mix and Mend collection for Sassafras


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