Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Recycled Christmas - Magazine Tree

A big Christmassy welcome to anyone who might be here visiting because you saw my Guest Blogger gig on Julie's Holiday's Handmade series. Or for those who are my regular followers - go over and check out my Recycled Christmas post where I show you how to make a paper wreath and a plastic-bottle flower arrangement. There's lots of other fantastic tutorials going up this week too so definitely worth a look.

I thought I would continue on in my series on a Recycled Christmas today with this magazine tree. It's super-simple to make, although does take some patience..... a good one to do in front of the TV perhaps! (I snapped pictures of my sister as she folded this tree. The whole family is involved in making Recycled Christmas decorations this year. Coming up later on will be my mum's vinyl record cake platter.)

Take an old magazine or paperback book, doesn't really matter what size but the more pages in it the fuller your Christmas tree will be. I'm pretty sure we were using a Reader's Digest here which was perfect really. Starting with a right-hand page, fold it down towards the spine as in the picture above (she had already done quite a number of the pages already by the time I took this photo)

With the same page, fold it towards the spine again.

Now turn the page over, and fold up the little triangle that is hanging down below the bottom.
And that's it. Repeat that a gazillion times and you're done :-)

When you've finished folding the entire magazine you'll be able to fan it around and glue the two covers together back-to-back to complete the circle. Alternatively, if your tree isn't full enough you can glue two magazines together for more pages.

This is really only a base (although you could leave it just as it is). We gave our trees a quick makeover with some gold spray-paint. And then embellish however you would like. Here I've got one of my Aluminium Angels perched on top. I showed you how to make these in an earlier Recycled Christmas post.

But perhaps some tinsel? Or baubles? Or lights!! Yes lights might like really awesome.... I'm going to do that!

If you're new here, you might also want to check out my December Giveaway. Or just generally have a look around! Let me know if you're here visiting from Julie's blog :-) And stay tuned for more Recycled Christmas ideas coming up.


  1. Fantastic Natalie!! What a brilliant use for that big stack of magazines!

  2. How much fun! And a super project for my oldest son to practice concentration and dexterity! I see your oldest in the background enjoying some fun with you!

  3. Hey, great tutorial Nat! I had seen those little trees around the place - they're so effective and wonderful if you're a lover of old text paper! But man, they look time consuming!!
    Did your mum really make a vinyl record cake platter, or are you pulling my leg? You must be one crafty family, the whole lot of you :)

  4. OMGOSH! This is simply STUNNING .. I saw your other post on Julie's blog also girl you have some serious creative skills I love this ..

  5. Just Fabulous Natalie!!! Your Gpost On Julie's blog FABULOUS!! WTG :) :) :)

  6. Thanks for letting me take a walk down memory lane. When I was a child we would make one of those trees every year using a readers digest magazine and then we would paint it gold or silver. I haven't made one in years.

  7. Very kewl Tree idea with the gold it just finishes it right :)


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