Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Working 9 to 5

Gee, if only my job entailed me to work from 9 to 5!!

The new movie poster is up for your inspiration at From Screen 2 Scrap. Here's what I made.....

It's based on the poster for the classic Dolly Parton movie (seriously, does anyone remember any of the other actors?!) "9 to 5"

And you can include the added criteria if you like for some bonus points:
1) use a red title = 1pt
2) use a clock = 2pts
3) use a picture from the 80's = 3pts

I based my layout using the general colour-scheme of the poster of yellows, reds, orange/brown.

There's my clock in the corner to meet the criteria. One of my scrappy resolutions this year is to dig into my huge stamp stash that I never seem to use :-)

This photo is taken in 1985 (I'm guessing, I think I look about 4!) and my sister and myself were subjected to my mum's idea of dressing us in matching clothes. Meanwhile I think we look quite cute and I was happy to scrap this kitschy photo :-)

We've added some new girls to the From Screen 2 Scrap DT this year. Go over and check out what they've done, and perhaps join in the challenge yourself.


  1. You are lucky if your mom decided to only dress you alike for a few special times, I am an identical twin and it was my mother's bright idea to dress us the same every day for forever! She can't tell us apart now in those kitchy photos! Your layout is great, and a perfect representation of the poster.

  2. great page Natalie - loving how you filled up the space on the right with the flowers. Also, is that layer under the photo/flower block painted? Loving that too!

  3. Val - yes, I painted on a very rough square of yellow shimmer paint on the yellow cardstock before layering on my paper with the flowers.

  4. cool cool cool, love your colour combo Natalie

  5. Beautiful LO!!! I love the colour combo and yes, you do look quite cute in that picture!!!!!
    xxx Peggy

  6. My sis & I were dressed alike too- my grandma would buy us matching outfits.... hmm.
    Fab representation of the poster.
    Oh, and 1985= 4yo? I suddenly feel very old!!!!


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