Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do the Moo Shoo

The Man gets annoyed because it took him so long to agree with me on the name for our second daughter, and now it's rare that any of us ever calls her by it! We usually call her Moodles, or Moo, Moz, Moosh, Moodly Moo, Mozzy and it goes on and on.

One of our recent additions to her list of nick-names is "Moo-Shoe." It cracks me up because whenever we call her that she does a funny little foot-stamping dance! I think she's trying to tell us where her shoes are :-)

Which brings me to my other point on this layout. Despite coming up to her 2nd birthday in November, she doesn't have a lot of words in her repertoire. Should I be worried about that? I'm not sure. It could quite possibly be that Munchy gabbles on so much that she can barely get a word in edgewise! And trust me... she certainly knows how to communicate.

But it's mainly in mumbles and grunts and squeaks and baby-talk.
Did you ever watch The Adventures of Sooty, Sweep and Sue? If you're familiar with these characters then you'll understand why another one of her nicknames is now Sweep!! She's a funny little girl and I love her with all my heart :-)

I used the fabulous Lawn Party kit and Pink Lemonade add-on from Studio Calico's May release for this layout, but the background paper with the clouds is a random Basic Grey piece from my stash. It's quite old I think..... can't even remember what collection it's from. Any help?!
Speaking of Basic Grey, have you seen that they've now got a blog? And all the BG fans breathe a collective sigh of ..... "finally"!!! heee!


  1. That is what happened with my second too! The first talked so much for him that he ended up with a speech delay. After working with therapy we were told that the best thing to do is make the youngest use his words before giving him anything, and that is when his vocabulary and speech really took off.

  2. Beautiful page, your daughter is gorgeous!

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog! Really made my day!


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