Saturday, August 20, 2011

She Paints with Every Colour

I am so far behind in my sharing, so sorry!  But what that means is that you can be gauranteed to see a whole bunch of scrappy projects popping up here on my blog in the next week (that's my plan anyway!). Let's start with this page I made for current Sassafras blog challenge.

The challenge is to mix up your alpha stickers and to use at least three different varieties of Sassafras alphabets. I've been doing a lot of this lately - making long titles with lots of fonts so this challenge came at just right time for me.

I wanted to document this stage Munchy is going through at the moment where she keeps wanting to draw rainbows everywhere. It seems whenever she sits down to create whether it's at home or at kinder or creche that rainbows are her go-to theme. And she keeps asking me what order the colours go in!

Oh my how much do I love the Sunshine Broadcast range from Sassafras!! The dreamy colours are just my style. I can't believe it's taken me this long to actually get my hands on some :-) So then you can imagine how incredibly brave I was to allow Munchy to actually grab a paintbrush and be let loose on my background paper?

That's right - I figured if I'm dedicating a page to Munchy's love of drawing rainbows then it only makes sense if I actually allow her to draw (or in this case paint) one onto the layout! So now it's a joint project between my daughter and I - what fun we had creating this page together. She watched me every step of the way and gasped and giggled as I added each element.

Mental note - must incorporate more of my kids art into my layouts :-)


  1. Gorgeous!! I am falling in love with your style Nat... is "whimsical" the right word? This LO is no exception, absolutely gorgeous. I love how you've incorporated the three smaller photos in the top left corner. And as for letting Munchy paint on your LO - very brave indeed, but it looks divine! I don't even paint on my own LOs!! :) Thanks again for being an inspiration :)

  2. Amazing work with the Sunshine Broadcast papers, you got a very gorgeous and fresh approach here!!!

  3. An extra special, extra fabulous layout for a grand memory.

  4. This is really beautiful, and it's definitely made even more special that your daughter did the rainbow. What a sensational layout!

  5. So precious and so beautiful Natalie. I love seeing kids art in los. Great inspiration.

  6. Great title. Beautiful photo and arrangement.

  7. This is so sweet, love that your daughter painted on it, must be a girl thing my daughter loves rainbows too :)


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