Saturday, August 6, 2011

I've Got My Girls

Bad blogger me! But I've got good reasons... we're in the midst of packing and moving (again). Off to the country we go for my rural rotation. 6 monhts could be considered a long time or a short time depending on your perspective.

Anyway... on with the show.......

I've made this page for the 'From Screen 2 Scrap' challenge. This month our inspiration poster is:

And for an extra 6 bonus points:

1) Use music sheet pp on your page = 1 pt
2) Two tone title = 2 pts
3) Lets see some red and navy on your page = 3 pts

I remember my Dad making up this song that he (and then my mum) used to sing to my brother which went "I've got my boy, and my boy has got me. I found my boy in a coconut tree. My boy goes 'Fiddle Dee Dee'". Well somehow that catchy song has stuck in my head all this time, and now I sing it to my girls.

I was inspired by the Holiday Inn poster to scrap some recent holiday photos of my own. Here are my two girls on the beach trying to pick coconuts, so the song came to mind and I knew I had to scrap this funny little story! I've included some (admittedly subtle) red and navy highlights, the music paper is behind my journaling, and my two-toned title 'Coconut Tree' is yellow and orange which unfortunately blended together a little too well :-)

August is birthday month at From Screen 2 Scrap. We're celebrating our 2nd birthday with a couple more bonus challenges and a HEAP of prizes!! You have really got to see the pile of prizes to believe it. So be on the lookout for my bonus challenge coming up soon, or pop over to the blog to find out all about the birthday shenanigans now.


  1. such a sweet lay out, I like the added trees on the bottom. Would love to hear more about your rural rotation, is that the norm for drs there? please tell us more!

  2. Just love your script titling - you used some of my all time fave materials on this page, so of course, I adore it!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment the other day - and for pinning my page. You made my day :)
    Good luck with your move!!

  3. loving this page it's very funky and good luck with your move

  4. Fabulous...I love your title work and your coconut tree. Looks awesome.. :)
    Wow, so you have to pack up and move every 6 months...that must be quite something!


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