Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Story of Jumping Hurdles

Told you it wouldn't be long before I joined in more of the fun and games for the Olympic challenges happening on the Jenni Bowlin forum!

This the layout I created inspired by "Hurdles". How you say?! Well I don't have a lot of sporty photos to scrap (my girls are too young, and lets just be honest... I'm not the athletic type!) so I had to think outside the square when it came to scrapping a page inspired by an Olympic event.

So I thought I would scrap a page about all the 'hurdles' Munchy has had to jump in her first year at school. You know, all those new things to learn, reading and writing, maths, music, art... phew! Specifically this is about the aptitude test she had at the beginning of the year so her teacher could help determine what level she was at in order to help maximise her learning.

Given I didn't have a photo of her actually sitting her test I used this photo which highlights her ability and creativeness. Can you believe she sat down one day with a sheet of butcher paper, a ball of wool and some album packaging and assembled her own guitar?! I love this! My daughter amazes me!

Lots of Jenni Bowlin goodies on this page of course. I'm so glad I actually plucked up the courage to cut into my letter stencil paper that I had been hoarding up until now! Then there's the butterflies, banners and buttons. Love my JBS :-)

You can see in this pic where I hid all my journaling. I made a little flap with the photo on top which allowed lots of space for all my thoughts, whilst hiding them away so it doesn't sound like I'm boasting. Because she passed with flying colours I have to say! LOL!



  1. This is fabulous Nat! Love the way you used the alpha stencil page!

  2. clever little one with a wonderful imagination! love the layout too

  3. Lovely LO...v clever & I especially like the way you used to hide your journaling....looks like your DD is taking after Mum creativity-wise:):):):)

  4. I Lovr this Natalie - the cut stencil letters are really effective! Oh and I love that guitar!!!

  5. This is amazing Nat!! Did you cut those letters out by hand? OMG it is so neat!! It looks like it has been done with a silhouette! Love how you have done your journaling and the bright fun pop of color ♥♥♥

  6. Hi Natalie :) It's been a while since I've visited and I see that I've been missing out!!! Loving this layout and all of your latest pages and simply LOVE your blog makeover too!
    Aga xx


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