Monday, August 27, 2012

The Story of the Day that Changed your Life

Today (or should I say tonight) I start another round of nightshift. Booo!

It almost effectively puts an end to scrapping for a week.......
But then I get a week off. Which always begs the question of how should I fill it?

In the meantime I've got a bit of a back-log of projects still to share with you so it won't be too quiet around here. And even luckier still, you can see that my mind isn't very focused... which makes for short blog posts ;-)

Ta-Ta for now



  1. Wow Natalie this is awesome and the journaling poured out of your heart

  2. Beautiful! Gorgeous page as well:):):) Jesus must be moving atm...just 'had' to do the peace page over at BITW...can't think of God without some sort of peace....night duty. Poor thing. Hope there's no storms!!!Just as well the 'pay off' is worth it:):):)

  3. Beautiful layout. I love everything about it!


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