Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Story of the Love Thing

.... No, not that love thing ;-)

I'm off to another wedding today. Not your average over-the-top affair, but a second (in fact third for one of them) wedding for a more mature couple. Therefore I thought my card should represent all of those things and I kept it a lot more classic and demure.

Sticking to some of my favourite techniques of late, such as a monochromatic colour scheme and filling glassine bags with little surprise packages of confetti (in this case wooden veneer bits) I was able to put this together in a flash.

But oh my gosh, I have been scrapping up a storm this last week that I've been on holidays. Thanks for all your well-wishes about my exam. The results are out on the 1st of November so I'll be sure to let you all know. But until then I've got a tonne of projects to share both here and all around. Next up is something very exciting on Monday, so make sure you come back then!



  1. Wonder what's going on Monday *wink*!!!! LOOOVE this (groan)... I've gotta make a new grandparents card today...oh, wish you were closer so I could pop on round & get a few ideas flowing....ANYWAYS .... I digress. This is fab & just perfect for the new couple & I must say, I'm enjoying your mono colour creations.....maybe that's an idea for this new grand boy.....DUH!!!!!

  2. Love your card and can't wait until Monday for your happy news....

  3. Wonderful card design, love the idea of the confetti in the bag.


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