Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Top 10 Layout Post

I love it when other people do these posts so I'm jumping on the bandwagon too!
I've put together what I think is (probably) my Top 10 favourite layouts for the past year. I think it's really helpful to be able to see all your favourites in one spot 'cos it gives me a bit of insight into what my own 'style' is and what I enjoy doing. There are some obvious signature moves here isn't there? See if you can spot them as you browse through as I'm not going to give you a big spiel about them all ;-)

Scrappy new year resolutions?
For me it's about continuing to include journaling, but perhaps more honest journaling (even if it's a bit brutal and not pretty at times). It's about learning to use my tools better, such as learning to use my new dSLR!! But most of all it's about continuing to make sure this hobby of mine is fun. Not work. Fun.

Happy New Year my wonderful scrappy friends.


  1. wow. your layouts are amazing Natalie. Each and everyone of them is beautiful. you make me want to do a traditional layout again :-)

  2. Fun. Absolutely. Top 'o' the list is to have that:):) I loooove your 'graphic' looking forward to some brutal, honest journaling....will you be brave enough to share???!!!! I'm not good at that - the sharing or the writing thereof, so be interesting to see how you go with that one!!!! And as always, just LOOOOVE your fave is the circles all on one side one. Probably to do with my flair fanaticism:):) have a wonderful brill 2014:):)

  3. Amazing layouts! I really love your style :)

  4. Great review of the last year. Love the stories you tell as well as the fab layering.

  5. Love these. You have such an amazing style.

  6. Loved looking at your favourite pages of 2013! Look forward to seeing many more this year.

  7. I love this type of post too - and yours certainly showcases wonderful page. Well done.

  8. Super layouts. I really love your ability to title your pages so well and also journal so beautifully. You have a gorgeous, unique style.


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