Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Handbook Christmas

In trying to fill in the gaps of my 2014 Handbook I found myself having to revisit Christmas. My album isn't a chronological account of all our adventures throughout the year, but it does include key events and other random moments that I felt required a photo and a story. 

Sometimes the events were spread out over multiple pages if I felt there was a lot to share, and the Christmas season was one of those. In December I created a '12 Days of Christmas' album, so I didn't want to rehash everything again, but my Handbook includes the photos that didn't make it into the album, and the ones that have more of a story behind them.

These first two pink and purple-heavy spreads (not your traditional Christmas colours but I'm really loving it!) are made with the Studio Calico Park Ave PL Kit which has been one of my favourites for the year.

And then this spread below included some cards that came as a bonus kit when you signed up for Stephanie Bryan's 25 Days class which ran during December last year.

And lastly, this one documents our Boxing Day celebrations with a mix of both these kits.

Even though the album is completely not chronological it just so happened that these spreads found their way at the end of the album so it's quite fitting ultimately. I've still got some gaps before this point which I'll continue to work on, and I share here real soon :-)



  1. They look fabulous! I don't scrap chronologically, either. Apart from the one PL album which I do monthly - but not chronologically during the month! The rest of my stuff gets shoved into any album I think it fits. It's all over the show. Oh well......ANYWAYS.....LOVING those stars in all shapes and sizes that you've got going up there.....& the pink and purple work gloriously!!


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