Friday, April 17, 2015

A Handbook Holiday

After posting my 'front cover' of the holiday section in my 2014 Handbook at the beginning of the month as part of my Studio Calico Lisse Street projects I figured I probably should finish off the rest of the pages!

Now I know I just stated that and then posted a photo with the left-hand still empty. It is actually complete but for the life of me it seems I failed to take a photo of it! But I wanted to push on and get all these up for you, so I'm not going back now to photograph it I'm afraid ;-)

I've been using a bunch of different SC Project Life kits, but I'm also digging into my old stash of 'vintage' products lately too. This spread below was all made with the old Studio Calico collections Sundrifter and Here & There from ?2012, maybe even ?2011. Still classic!

This spread is probably one of my favourites of this section, it's made with the Hello Hello PL kit and includes such fun embellishments like that line of sequins... which was actually an accident. I'd originally thought it would be cute to draw a little fish there, to fit with my theme, and just jumped right in with a pen. Needless to say it didn't turn out so well and then I had to find something to cover it up!!

There's still plenty of journaling throughout my spreads which is always important to me. I love the fun colourful filler cards, but I need to have the cards that allow me space to write! The SC kits always have such a great mix of both I find.

The last page in this section of my Handbook concludes with another spread not shown here (because I've shared it here back in January). I have such a sense of satisfaction that I've finally finished this now. I mean, the holiday was in September... so it's only 7 months late!



  1. Gah this is absolutely awesome Natalie! I love everything about your awesome spreads!

  2. 7 months? It's nothing.... Not even a pregnancy long!!!! Love the mix you've used, & it really showcases your holiday brilliantly :):))

  3. Hi there! I use a Studio Calico Handbook in the 6x8" size. This is one of the older models of Handbook though. Their latest version has the holes punched in slightly different places, and you can get a 9x12" version too (which I've also got!)


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