Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Delving into The Makers' Box

Things at The Makers' Collective have changed this month. The previous (slightly confusing) membership system has been simplified so that all members will have early access to purchase each month's Makers' Box at a deeply discounted price. There is no obligation to buy a kit each time if it's a project that doesn't appeal to you. Alternatively, if you wanted to gift a Makers' Box for a friend as well then you have the opportunity to get more than one! 

Here's what I got in my Makers' Box this month....

Firstly, there were tassels. And you all know my recent addiction to tassels! I've been adding paper tassels to my layouts and cards like crazy, so the fact that this project came with instructions on how to make these miniature ones out of embroidery thread was a huge winner for me. The kit includes three different coloured thread and 5 different size jump-rings so you can already make five tassels with HEAPS of thread left over for more later.

Next up was the (slightly more tedious) task of threading beads onto elastic. A bit difficult given that the elastic was quite a snug fit through the hole in the beads. However, what I love about this now is that the beads don't move around on the elastic and make that annoying clicky sound when you walk or wave your arms :-)

Straight up I made these two bracelets for my girls - letting them choose what colour tassel they would like. Moriah, who had previously been obsessed with all things purple has shifted her attention to blue since it's the colour that features so prominently in the movie Frozen, so that's what she chose. Whilst Bethany was rather taken with the bright yellow.

Of course, I tried them on for size. Quite cute hey?! I definitely need to be making myself some next. The project kit came with enough black beads to finish these two bracelets with some left over (but not enough for another full one). There is heaps of the elastic left though, and as I said, at least another three tassels already made. So I'm thinking I just need to stock up on the beads and I'll be all set to make a bunch more of these, especially since the process was so quick and simple I was able to complete them during one of Judah's naps!

 To sign up for a Makers' Membership check out all the details here.



  1. Oh, I'm going to have to look into this, as I love seeing what you've made. What about a keyring for the left overs maybe?

  2. Oooh LOVE these! Tassel bracelets -- right up my alley for sure!! Love seeing all your creations Natalie :-)


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