Monday, May 10, 2010

Tutorial - Triple Stencilling

So today I'll show you how I created the background for the layout I showed you in the post below. This will make it mighty easy to scraplift this idea for your own creation, should you chose to take on the XOXO challenge.
I'll show you the techniques I used while making a card but it is essentially the same as the layout I created.
Ok, ready?

1. This is a process of multiple stencilling over the same spots.

So firstly, you'll need two colours of paint, your stencil (doesn't need to be a professional stencil - use whatever is on hand, this happens to be the negative piece from a sheet of round alpha stickers), and I use a baby wipe for applying the paint but you could use a sponge or some kind of dabber rather than a paintbrush.

2. It might help to dilute your paint with some water, or make sure you use only a very small amount because this is supposed to be a background image - you don't want it too dark :)

Lay your first colour down using the baby wipe and stencil. You should chose your lightest colour first. And we're going for a distressed look so you don't want all the circles coloured, and you don't want them perfectly coloured. There should be a lot of variation.

3. Wait for it to dry somewhat, but since it's a very thin layer it shouldn't take long.

Lay your stencil back over the same spots and lay your second colour in. Go over the top of some of the same spots, but also make sure you paint in new spots.

4. The third layer of stencilling is going to be your stamped image. Chose a stamp intended for backgrounds, or at least a small and repetitive image. I've used a script stamp.

Again, put your stencil back over the same spots and randomly stamp your image in sections. I run my stamp pad over the top of my stamp (rather than pressing the stamp into the stamp-pad) because it gives it a much lighter application of ink and I don't want my stamping too dark.

5. Next is the masking and misting. Cut a scrap piece of paper to fit inside the edges of the card with a good margin (say about 2cm from each edge).

This will be your mask so you might like to use some temporary adhesive to hold it down to make sure it doesn't move when you're misting.  Give all the edges a spray with your mist (this one is Glimmermist in Peach Delight).

6. Almost done. The last step is add some hand-stitching all around the inside edge of the border we just created with the Glimmermist. I've actually dyed my white embroidery thread with the same Peach Delight Glimmermist so that it matches perfectly.

I like to pre-punch all my holes first so I can try and make all the stitches approximately equal lengths. And I make sure I start and stop in an area that is likely to be covered up later because this gives you some room to move with those last couple of stitches (in case it didn't work out quite right and you're left with a really long, or really short stitch - you'll be able to cover up your mistakes!)

And that's the background done!!
Time to embellish.

I turned my card into a little mini-version of my layout. So I fussy-cut a flower out of the Kaisercraft Devonshire paper, added some Maya Road crystal pins, and brads in each corner. The title alphas are October Afternoon mini-market, and then I just handwrote the rest.

Can't wait to see if anyone gives this a try :)

Don't forget the May Madness Giveaway. I'm thinking I'll draw the first prize this week sometime (not necessarily prize #1) We'll see.


  1. Oooohhh my lord!! That is sooo gorgeous!! :D I'm SO trying this - thanks for the tutorial!

    / Jeanette

  2. Wow, you do an amazing job with tutorials! Very easy to follow and very convincing to try! Congratulations on being a Lipstick Chic, very well deserved. You are so inspiring, it really makes me want to share my scrapbook layouts too!

  3. you make it look so easy. definitely going to try this.

  4. This looks fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  5. What a fab technique. And a tutorial. Wow. I might have to try this, it's so effective! thanks for sharing.


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