Thursday, January 16, 2014

Because I'm Happy

I think I've got a new found obsession with creating little pockets to fill with goodies to include on my cards (mostly) and layouts. It started as I wanted to find new ways of using or upcycling the glassine bags that many of the Studio Calico embellishments come in. But the trouble with glassine is it's semi-opaque so you need to fill it with something bright in order to stand out.

So then my train of thought ran along the same lines and I came up with the idea of instead using the plastic packaging that many store-bought embellishments come in. Being transparent means you can then fill it with even the most subtle of decorations and it'll still stand out. It's also good for including more 'precious' keepsakes, like my daughter's lock of hair from her first haircut that I included on my layout here. Let me show you how I put one together and made this card as an example..

First I gathered some supplies from my January Studio Calico Copper Mountain kit and Add Ons. See that cute little mini-badge? It didn't ultimately make it onto my card, but it's important in this photo because I used it's plastic packaging for the demonstration ;-) It was just the right width for a card! But anything similar is going to work fine.

I took out the badge and it's backing and instead filled it with a scrap of paper and those funky colourful sequins from the Fremont Glades add on. I didn't need the entire long length of the packaging so I trimmed off the top, folded it over and closed it shut with another scrap that I sewed on with my machine. There's no way those sequins are going to fall out!

That gave me a burst of colour and even sound and movement for my card as those sequins are only loosely packed and can roll around in there if you shake it. It created such a fun element that I built the rest of my designs around it to allow it to still be the centerpiece. 

So what do you think? I think it's a happy twist on the standard confetti pocket, and a great way of recycling old plastic packaging that would otherwise end up in the bin :-) I can foresee lots of possibilities with this method such as glitter, beads and buttons. Oooohh... it's got me itching to create again!




  1. Works so well! Clever, clever idea & I love those bright sort of 'retro' coloured sequins, too:):)

  2. It looks fantastic! I don't like throwing out all that plastic, now I'll try and recycle it on my next project. :)


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