Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Story of the Lady Rules

Warning: my 4 year old is a typical 4 year old. She uses words like bum and fart and talks about things like picking her nose and toilet accidents because she things it's hilarious. If you don't think it's hilarious then you possibly don't want to read the rest of my post ;-)

I did warn you that in 2014 I was going to get more real in my journaling didn't I?! Well this is real life for us with young kids. No sugar coating here! We've obviously been trying to teach our girls what is socially acceptable behaviour for a young lady, and this is what my youngest is able to generate as her own personal list. I don't think I need to translate it for you, I've written it large enough to even read at a distance. Not even hidden journaling!

It does give you an interesting insight into what our life is like around here doesn't it?!

I think because my page topic is a little bit rude that I've tried to over-compensate by making the colours and patterns about as soft and girly as I can get! I used my May 2013 Studio Calico kit "Planetarium" and it's Add-on "Orion". It might be an old kit but it's one of my favourites and I haven't had a chance to fully kill it yet. Last weekend when the SC CHA Online Crop Extravaganza was on there was a challenge to make a layout using a kit that was more than 2 months old and that was just the push I needed to create this page.

This weekend is a different story. I'm spending some quality time with this 4 year old as The Man takes the other one camping. It's a Girls Weekend. Here's to hoping we can perfect some of these Lady Rules ;-)




  1. So funny! It's like that in my house. My DD will be 4 next week..and never a dull moment! :D

  2. This has to be the cutest layout I have seen in a long time, love it!

  3. LMAO...that's just what happens in this house...with my 4 year... farts, bum bum and wees it!

  4. Soooo...Leeann has graduated from BUM to ASS!!!! Just jiving her!!! LOOOVE this. Like the reality of it. Even at 20 months, Lucas giggles like a chook when I burp. I burp loud. My theory has always been 'Better out than in' ~ & besides, in some countries it's seen as being appreciative of a meal!!! I really love the baggy & layers under your photo, too......I LOVE the whole thing. All Power to burps, farts & other bodily functions:):)

  5. lol!! If I had compiled a list like this when mine were that age i am sure it would have made my hair curl...what am i saying it's not much better these days x fab page x

  6. What a brilliant post! I must say that your daughter is quite an innocent 4 year old if these are some of her biggest inappropriate behaviors though ;)


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