Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Story of Life Scripted

Script art is a big trend right now and I for one love it! You may have seen it featured in paper collections like Studio Calico's Printshop, or the new Basic Grey Highline. The latest name to be popping up in scrapbook circles, and the lady who really embodies brush script art is Kal Barteski. She recently helped design the new Amy Tangerine Plus One collection, and in February is offering a class at Studio Calico!!

I am absolutely jumping-for-joy, over-the-moon excited about this one and I reckon it only took me about 2 milliseconds to decide to enroll! The only problem with the class is it doesn't start until February 1st and I'm finding it hard to wait that long!

Lacking the proper supplies, and not even knowing the basics of script art yet, but I couldn't help but try my hand out at it already. There's a number of obvious failings in this, but not a bad starting point I think. I can definitely work from here up.

Can't wait to learn some proper technique from the master herself, along with plenty of other inspirational Studio Calico girls contributing too.

Here's some info about what you'll get if you enroll in the class. The message board is already buzzing with excited folk, and you'll get access to the digital files straight away. You should see them, they're fabulous! I reckon I'll need to be investing in another Silhouette blade at the rate I've been cutting ;-)

Here's a link to all the other proper supplies you can pick up at the same time:

So I might see you there right? ;-)



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