Monday, January 6, 2014

The Story of the the Glam Princess

My feeling when it comes to creating birthday cards for sweet little Princesses is that you should pile on as much prettiness as possible. Think glitter, bling, sparkle and plenty of layers. Forget clean and simple... girls want glam right?!

I figure my 3 year old recipient isn't going to be too fussed by general design principles so forget trying to include white space. I'm not very good at that anyway. I also don't think she's going to care about acceptable colour combos, or what 'old' product lines I'm mixing (mainly Maggie Holmes though in case you're wondering). 

I'm sure she's not too concerned that my finishing touches and middle layers are compiled of different 'scraps' I found on my desk leftover from other projects. Or that I ran out of foam dots and had to add my dimension with bits of chipboard. 

And if she's not worried about those things... then I'm not either.



  1. The card is too beautiful to worry about all those details, its a gorgeous gift for any little girl.

  2. Fabulous thinking girlfriend!!! Now that's what I call a card full of fun & pretty-ness. Any girl - little or big - would LOOOVE it:):)

  3. Love the attitude and your writing style!

  4. I'm much older than 3 and I would love the receive the card! I definitely think the more glam the better for a girly card. :)

  5. Good philosophy! And I agree, we all like a little glam! x

  6. a pretty card for a princess x love it!

  7. Love your layered birthday card.... awesome! the inks are called liquitex ink...i grab them at the art shop jackson....they are bright that's what i like about them. they are dropper bottles not sprays. use them in a tray and add a little water like watercolors. anyway cheers ffor stopping by...loving your pages as always!


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