Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Story of Australia Day

Firstly let me straight up apologise for the quality of the photographs in today's post. I took them at night time as you can probably plainly see, and the magic of Photoshop only extends so far. I could very well take the photos again now since it's a lovely sunshiny day, but you see, today is Australia Day and as quick as I can write this I'm out to watch the kids splash in the pool!

But it was a different story last night.  At 9pm it strikes me that my favourite stamp designer Kellie Stamps had provided me with her perfectly Aussie Australia Day set, and that in approximately 3 hours I was going to wake up into that celebration. Sometimes the holidays just sneak up on me like that ;-) So I immediately set to gather some things together to make a little project. I couldn't let an opportunity like this go to waste! So within 30mins this little baby was whipped up, and hence why the photos were taken at night time. It's really rare for me to scrap that fast, but it's made heaps easier by supplies that quickly come together.

Apart from my Kellie Stamps Australia Day set I also grabbed her Monday-Friday set (because it's got all the months in it) and a Summer Loving Flair (for the year). Taking my inspiration straight from the Aussie flag I decided to gather some blue, red and white supplies together too. Despite being designed with a wintery ski resort in mind, the January Copper Mountain kits from Studio Calico were actually perfect for the occasion!!

Even the stars came from the school-themed High Point Add On kit. But backed with some silver glitter paper and arranged in the shape of the Southern Cross and suddenly the became the perfect Australian embellishment!

Alright.. and with that... I'm off to enjoy the sun. Happy Australia Day to all who are celebrating this fine country today.





  1. Those stamps are fabulous!! And this LO is just darling. Happy Australia Day!

  2. LOL!!! This hasn't happened to me.....yet! There will come a time & I hope I can do as well!!! And here's hoping you had a fine time:):) I spent a few hours with my mother at's THAT for irony???!!!!! She had a 'floaty' floating in front of her eye, & since she also has glaucoma we thought we'd better get it checked out..all good, though. She's just gotta get used to it, as it aint going away!!!


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