Saturday, October 4, 2014

Card Class sneaks

For a long time I only ever considered myself a scrapbooker. I mean, I stepped into this crafty world in order to make scrapbooks about my children. I buy scrapbook supplies. I read scrapbook magazines. I pin scrapbook projects. I blog scrapbook tutorials.

I started making cards because it was the next logical step. When your faced with an occasion that calls for a card and you're surrounded by all sorts of crafty supplies, it only makes sense that you would start making your own right? But I still considered myself a scrapbooker. Card making was just something I did out of necessity.

But in the last year or so I've discovered a real love for making cards too. I think it came with the realisation that you can make a card just like a mini-layout. You can use the same supplies and you can remain true to your usual style. It doesn't need to be all coloured stamped images and frilly layers (which is the way I commonly think of handmade cards!)

So although I admit it came as a little bit of a surprise at first to be invited to teach a Card Class since I still had my scrapbook hat on at that point, it was also something that I wanted to quickly jump on board with. So I'm proud to announce that next month - yes that's November! - I'll be sharing some of my cardmaking tips and tricks in a 5 week course over at Papercut Labs.

This is actually not new news, it was officially announced back in August (watch the video introductions of all the upcoming classes here) but I haven't made much of a fuss about it here on my blog. I figured that since today is World Cardmaking Day that it would be a perfect opportunity to share some sneaks of a couple of the cards I'll be teaching as part of the class.

I'll be sharing lots more information about the class as the month goes on. Currently it's not yet up for registration. Keep an eye out in the shop here for when it's released. But I'll be back to tell you all about it here as well ;-)

Hope you're all making a card today!!



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