Thursday, October 9, 2014

Watercolour Background Card Tutorial

Confession: I have a 'thing' for deers.
And it's not just a Christmas time thing... although of course, that's the time of year where it gets a little out of hand. I think my nativity scenes are beginning to look like they're set in a forrest rather than a desert ;-) I even started a hashtag on my Pinterest account to keep track of all my deer projects. Feel free to join in if you like. It's #anyexcusetoputadeeronit

So when Shanna Noel used this deer image from Pinterest as her inspiration piece to set a World Cardmaking Day Challenge on the Studio Calico message boards I felt compelled to take part too!

My inspiration is pretty obvious right? I wanted to create my own version of a colourful painty textural background..... and then stick a deer on top!

And hallelujah for finally getting my sewing machine back and in working order. It's absolutely humming along now and sounds better than it's ever done.

When I popped my card up in the Studio Calico gallery (and my Facebook... and all the other places I show these things) I had quite a few comments and questions about how I actually achieved this background. I answered them, and assured everyone that this is really quite easy, but then I had the further thought that perhaps I could just show you!


These are the cards that Bethany and I made during the video. Thought you might want a closer look!

It's so easy that both of my girls have had a go at doing this as well. The card on the left has been made by Bethany, who's 8. The one on the right is what I put together as I was teaching her how to do it. But yes, Moriah has done her own version as well and it's just as fabulous. In fact, you can see it in the video.

Lots of colour. Lots of texture. And LOTS of fun!!

If you ever give anything like this a go, I'd love to see. Link me up in the comments :-)

Happy Scrapping!




  1. They look absolutely fantastic!

  2. I love it! What a great video. Thank you!

  3. Head of heels madly in love with your dear card. I really hope you stay on the SC team next year. I would miss your tutes and the trophy husband so much if you weren't there.

  4. Oh wow so easy it is childs play.. thanks for the video..the cards look wonderful!

  5. I haven't done watercolors since I was a kid and had my Crayolas. I now feel brave enough to try them for myself and my 3 year old!

  6. Oh WOW that deer card is fantastic! I love the hipster feel of it. Can't believe you're missing e2c but I suppose you have a pretty good reason lol I was looking forward to meeting you. Next time :) xx

  7. Fantastic card, even inspired me to watch the video. :)


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