Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Story of the Gold Dollops

I know we celebrated World Cardmaking Day yesterday in Australia, but today it was the American's turn. Not because they have it on a different day... I just mean with the time zone differences and all ;-) I guess I just like to think of it as one big cardmaking weekend!

Now obviously you knew Studio Calico would do something massive and awesome for the event right? And with the cardmaking junket I've been on recently I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get on board.

The contest is simple. Every hour today between 10am and 6pm one of the Studio Calico Creative Team members posted a different card-making challenge. That's a total of 10 challenges (just so you didn't have to do the math!) and each one has the chance to win a prize from the SC closet. But, if you complete at least 8 of the 10 challenges then you'll also go into the draw to win the grand prize which is a 3 month subscription to their Card Kit!! I've been seriously considering signing up for this one too, just to complete my trifector of kit subscriptions ;-)

So anyway, just to give you a taste of what the challenges are like I'm going to share mine here. I was up with Challenge #9 and I've allocated you what I think is quite a simple task. All I'm asking is that you make a card that includes a touch of gold. How much or how little, or what form it takes is all up to you. Just include a bit of the glittery stuff! Easy enough?

This is the card I created as an example. I've actually used the October scrapbook kits here, matching the main kit with the Notting Hill Add On, and the gold bits from the Piccadilly Add On - which is where I got my challenge inspiration from in the first place. Apart from the two sparkly stars my gold takes the form of acrylic paint dots scattered across the card. To create them I simply unscrewed the cap from my gold tube of Color Theory paint and dolloped them on randomly. So fun, and the best bit was there's no brushes to wash!

Well that's one challenge down, only 9 more to go if you want to take part ;-) Obviously I can't be in the contest myself, but I tell you honestly, the challenges are so inspiring that I've already completed one of them just for fun, and I plan on attacking a couple more as well. You can find all the details for yourself here on the Message Board.

Happy cardmaking!



  1. You're on fire with your card making lately. Really love this one too.


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