Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Flashy Cards Fast Supply List

I'm getting all geared up for my Flashy Card Fast class to start in November. The finishing touches on all the tutorials are being made, and the last videos are being edited. I've got a pizza box now brimming with new cards that I've made and I am going to be sooooo prepared for any occasion that comes my way!

I was just asked on my Instagram account whether I was going to post a supply list before class started, you know... for those of you who like to be prepared beforehand. Hey I get that! You're looking at one Type A organised crafter here!

But it was my intention going into this to show you 25 card tutorials rather than 25 cards. What I mean by that is that my focus is on teaching you different techniques that you can then interpret and adjust to fit whatever supplies you've got on hand, and in whatever style suits you best.  And in fact, the last card of every week is specifically going to focus on using up your scraps so that you can clear out those long-hoarded supply draws.

So apart from the basic cardmaking supplies which you probably won't be able to get away without (see below for examples of what I mean) there really isn't anything super special that you'll need to go out and buy. 

Basic Supplies

However, since it's true that I'm going to show you 25 different techniques it's also possibly true that I'll be using supplies that are new to you - especially when it comes to the Mixed Media techniques that I seem to incorporate into quite a few of them. In each case you will be able to substitute something else in it's place, but just in case you want to follow along exactly as I'm doing then here's some of the things I'll be using.

Mixed Media Supplies:

And then there are just a couple of specific supplies that I used on more than one occasion (like the stamp set out of the Studio Calico Poet Society Card Kit) that you might want to check out. I consider these good investments into card making because apart from this class I have used these over and over again!

Specific Supplies:

Flashy Card Fast is on sale with an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT only until tomorrow night ... then it goes back up to its regular price. You can find all the registration details here.

Likewise, the chance to score yourself a MAJOR GIVEAWAY which happens to include that Poet Society Stamp Set as well as lots of other goodies, also ends tomorrow night. You can enter here on my blog, or here on the Papercut Labs blog. Or both for two chances to win!!



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