Friday, January 22, 2010

A Day in the Life

Occasionally I get asked 'how do you do it?' As in, how do you manage to be a mum, be a wife, be a doctor, be a committed and contributing member of the church, and still find the time for hobbies like scrapbooking? Firstly, it's not always in that order of importance each day! Secondly, let me give you a glimpse into part of my day yesterday. It went like this....

6pm (when hubby said he would be home at 4:30pm) - I'm cleaning the bathroom
6:01pm No.1 girl decides she wants to help
6:02pm I go to the other bathroom to clean it
6:10pm I go back to find No.1 girl in the shower (fully clothed) cleaning everything in site with shower gel. She's covered in the stuff. Her dress is soaking.
6:11pm I strip her off, turn on the water and wash it all off.
6:12pm No.2 girl wakes up screaming. She's overdue for her feed
6:13pm I get No.1 out of the shower. No time to dry her or dress her. Lucky it's hot. She runs out naked. I start breast feeding No.2

6:15pm No.2 girl explodes from both ends simultaneously. Not only does the poo overflow her nappy and cover her clothes, but it begins to soak into mine too. And she spewed. All over my shirt.
6:16pm I look up from the task at hand and see No.1 girl still naked, but now covered in blue texta. And I mean, she had decided to make her hands and face "pretty" for when daddy came home. It was everywhere! Luckily our textas are "the world's most washable washable markers" so I send her to the bathroom to clean herself up. Not thinking that water, and washable blue markers, and white bathroom just recently cleaned doesn't add up.
6:30pm I change No.2 girl's nappy and clothes. She's now clean. I wash and dress No.1 girl. She's now clean. I sponge off my jeans. I clean the bathroom. Again. That's the best I can do for now. I look in the cupboard for something to cook for dinner. There's nothing quick and easy and healthy. There is however, a rather large doll in the pantry.

6:31pm I give up. I phone hubby and ask him to bring home some take-away!

Thought I would leave you on a positive note though. I did manage to finish this project yesterday (long before all the above began!). Can't show you yet, but can show you a tiny little blurry sneak of it. And it's rather apt. It says "there's nothing quite like a sleeping baby".


  1. Loved reading about your day. You sound like a superwoman to me (with a really good sense of humor)!

  2. Oh I had to laugh! The pic of your pantry looks identical to mine!! Complete with doll! (I also find all sorts of things 'pretending to be cakes' in the fridge and I ALWAYS look in the oven before turning it on!!

    Hope your day improved :-)

  3. LOL! Oh my goodness, doesn't it get like that sometimes and you wish all you had to deal with was doing pap smears ;)
    Not having daughters, I thought the doll in the pantry was hilarious!

  4. Oh. Snort. I'm sorry, I can't help laughing. I can so relate. My DH cannot understand why I double my time estimate for each and every task on my to-do list! He has never spent an entire day as the solitary carer for a small child ;)

  5. This is hilarious! Probably wasn't all that funny to you at the time, but gosh you've summed it up well and written with such humour!! Love your work, have become a follower!
    Catie xo


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