Sunday, January 31, 2010

Off the Page and Onto the Wall

I actually made this wall hanging some time ago but haven't gotten around to posting it (or even photographing it to start with). But I'm getting more motivated to show that I do other things apart from just scrapbook pages!

I've used an inchies frame for the main part, and popped up some of the inchies for some dimension. Then I've just decorated each square separately.

Lots of different materials on this, and filled with different techniques.
It's all framed up in a shadow-box and sitting on my TV cabinet. I had an idea at the time to do another one in a different colour (I was thinking a pink/orange/peach combination) as I had two shadow boxes. I thought I would be able to put them at either end of the cabinet to create some balance. But when I pulled out some stuff to get to work on it I realised that although I bought the shadow-boxes at the same time and made by the same manufacturer, they must have been from different batches because they were actually a bit different.
So now we're stuck with just the one for the moment.


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