Monday, July 19, 2010

Dressed for Success

My darling daughter, my Little Munchy, she is so beautiful. But she's also very strong-willed and has some funny ideas in her head about what she wants to do :-)
For example, even though it's the middle of winter here in Australia she insists on wearing a dress...... every.... single ...... day! I'm not sure where this dress obsession comes from, because you only ever catch me in a dress for weddings and the like. The Man tells me it's because one of the other older girls who she admires so much at day-care wears dresses a lot.

So here's my layout dedicated to her dress obsession.

The photos are a bit ordinary I know. I just went though all the photos on the computer looking for ones that captured her in a different dress, so they're certainly not all portrait-quality!! But it coveys the message!

I've used my Kreatorville kit from May, and referred to the Kreatorville July sketch to put this layout together.

It's so bright and cheery, which is a bit of a change from what I normally do, but I really like it!

We got the perfect Buzz and Bloom chipboard piece in the kit which suited this layout brilliantly. But I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it to jazz it up. I mean, should I paint it, ink it, emboss it, cover it with paper? In the end I decided to leave it just leave it like it is. I was a little worried that anything I might do could overwhelm the layout with more jumbled colours and patterns.

And I made all of these tags out of the packaging for the Sassafras chipboard alphas. Nothing is spared in my kit! My thought there was that they are a bit reminiscent of clothes tags. Fits the theme I think :-)

And speaking of beautiful things, my lovely friend Peggy has kindly offered my not one but two blog awards!

As you know, there are usually 'conditions' to these awards. So for this one I'm supposed to tell you a little about myself. I guess something to share with you all now is how I'm feeling about my impending return to work in a couple of weeks. I am not looking forward to it at all. Which is silly because I'm finally in a position that I've wanted to get to for so long, and I really do enjoy (most) of my work - even with the crazy hours and the hectic schedule. Of course, the main reasons I'm not keen to go back to work has got to do with leaving my two darling daughters behind while I do it - and that's because of the crazy hours and hectic schedule. There are some days where I don't get to see them while they are awake and that breaks my heart. At least I know I am leaving them in good hands, as The Man will become the stay-at-home-dad!!  And secondly, I am also concerned about what it will do to my scrapping time and ability! Anyone can see that I have become well and truly hooked on this amazing hobby while I've been on maternity leave. And I know that won't stop, and I know I will always make time to fit some in. But certainly it won't be to the extent that I'm currently involved. I guess that's a wait-and-see game :-)

I'm passing this award on to these 5 ladies: Valerie, Karen B, Keandra, Deb and Jen

And the second award Peggy gave me (thank you Peggy) was..

I would really love to pass this onto some people who have never ceased to support me, who always leave kind comments on my posts, and some of whom I know so well now that I could call them true friends, even though we have never met.
Karen B
Mel aka. Aussiescrapper
Sarah Lou


  1. Love the dressed LO! Well, I certainly did NOT know that you were off work-but it does explain how you had a little time to do all of those BEAUTIFUL layouts!
    Thanks for the Sunshine Award!

  2. Aw, thanks for the sunshine award!!!

    I just love this LO - I love how you put patterns together - amazing!

  3. You're very welcome Natalie, you know I think you deserve every award going around in blogland!
    I hope that once you start working again, you'll feel that love for your trade again and you'll enjoy working as much as staying at home.
    I so love your LO! And I love the pics, not every pic has to be portrait-quality! I kinda like pics that tell a story. And your LO's almost always tell a story, this is something I really like about your work.

    Enjoy these last weeks at home Natalie!
    xxx Peggy

  4. Thank you for the lovely award Natalie, and I feel for you with you going back to work, how wonderful you are leaving your babies with your man, I hope the transition back into the workplace goes well.

    I hope you get to do just as much scrapping because I would be so sad not seeing your name pop up on the blog sites I visit and would miss your gorgeous works on this blog. Your style is amazing and I feel you may now be feeling a little how I am feeling right now just getting to be where I can see my very own style emerging. And I like that.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, thinking of you, Melxx

    ps. This layout is divine, just love your use of well....everything.

  5. WoW, Natalie, this layout is amazing! So bright, playful, and fun! I love how you used the l'il tags and the alphas. And those pix are tooooooooo cute! Omigosh, the Munchster is such a doll! How do you stand it?!?

    Congrats on your awards ... both v-e-r-y much deserved! And what a surprise to notice that you've passed them along to me! Thank you!! I'm honored and touched by your thoughtfulness!

    I'm on a bit of a bloggin' break but will post 'em up on my blog when I come out of my self-imposed mental-health break, lol!

    PS: The packie arrived safe and sound ... thank you so much! Can't wait to play with my new Natalie-goodies!!

    Sending many thanks & big hugs, Deb

  6. Sometimes I think scrapbooks would be boring if only portrait pictures or posed pictures were scraped. I love how you've captured the every day in the layout and well, its kind of funny! I don't have a girl, right, so I can laugh that she wants to wear dresses all the time? I suppose I could relate it to my boys wanting to wear mud boots/water boots to a church service. Love all the bright pictures and the pink.
    I couldn't leave without thanking you for the incredible honor of the blog awards and I would send them right back to you if I could. Good luck as you head back to work, and if you can during your spare time of working and being a mama to post some layouts, I know I would look forward to them.
    (I apologize for the lengthy nature of my comment.)

  7. Thanks for the award NAtalie, its very much appreciated, I will pop it up on my blag very soon.

    Hope everything goes well for you on return to your work :)


  8. I am SO honored!! Thank you so much for the sweet awards! You know you are a fave spot for me to visit (since I'm here DAILY!!) and I do hope your heart is happy when you get back to work! It's so great that you've got the man to count on!!!
    I remember when Had went through a dresses only time- it was so cute!! (I'm not a dress-gal either- flip-flops here!!! Very fun LO- love the chippie fancy girl on the right!!!


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