Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beautiful Chaos

As any parent would know, life with young kids can sometimes be a bit chaotic!
Munchy just adores her sister, and really, the only accidents/mishaps/craziness comes about because of her enthusiasm to be a helpful big sister.

Like the time she wanted to cuddle her and in the process dropped her - knocking her head on the table.
Or the most recent incident where she tried to climb up into the pram too, not knowing that two kids on the front of the pram would cause it to flip over with Moodles still fimly strapped in being the first point of contact with the concrete.

Not that I can talk. I myself accidently gave Munchy a concussion of her own later that day! Lucky my kids are tough hey? No harm done on either occasion. Sounds a bit of a nightmare at our house doesn't it?

Now Munchy and Moodles share a bedroom, and often during the day when Moodles has woken from a nap Munchy will ask "can I go and play with her?" I know she can't get her out of the cot so it seems like nothing can go wrong right? But as this picture shows, she can still put things in her cot!! ......... like the entire contents of her toy box.

Using the criteria of  the colour purple, the word 'beautiful' and using punches I've been able to make this rather chaotic layout for the 1,2,3 Challenge with some Basic Grey Kioshi products.


  1. What a fun little story. Well, maybe fun isn't the proper word but it is nice to hear that sometimes all big siblings are alike in some ways. Great layout!

  2. Love that leafy branch! Beautiful colours.

  3. Love that leafy branch and the colours you have used on this page. Beautiful! :)


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