Thursday, December 29, 2011

December Daily ...... part 2

Hold on tight, here's the next instalment of my exciting adventure into a December Daily!

As you can see, for each day I printed out one normal size photo (6x4") and one photo collage. I think this is a great way of getting lots of photos into your album without overcrowding it.

And it also allows you to use those photos that aren't necessarily good quality or don't feature a prominent subject because it's all about telling the story. And you can tell by all my scribblings how much I love to tell the story!

I love how Studio Calico seal up their kits with these round stickers that consistently feature beautiful vintage colours and patterns. I'd been saving them up for months to get enough to use as a basis for my number labels. Maybe chalk that up to one more reason why it took me forever to finish this album!

As for the actual pages in my album I used a mixture of all the Christmas papers I have in my stash. A whole host of manufacturers and collections! Man it felt good to put a dent in that pile!!

Some pages were also made out of wrapping paper, brown paper bags, packaging material, Christmas cards, Munchy's drawings.... whatever I could find at the time. Just one way of adding more memorabilia into my album. 

Another way was to incorporate any of the tidbits I had salvaged from last Christmas such as clothing tags, present labels and ribbon. I also threw in my leftover Tim's Tags as pretty embellishments.

Using some of the Christmas cards we received was a brilliant idea (if I do say so myself) because it served a triple purpose..... 1) it's pretty, 2) the memory of who sent it and what they wrote, and 3) heaps of space on the back for journaling!

So I guess the question is "would I do this again?" Well obviously I couldn't even bring myself to contemplate it this year, although in a way I still feel like I did given how much time I spent on this one!

But I think I would do it again. Certainly the idea of taking daily photographs, journaling it all down at the time and then assembling everything is pretty intensive. But you have to admit the end result is pretty fabulous for recording a set period in time in detail. In years to come I'm sure this will be a treasured piece of history. So maybe next year I'll attempt another version? I guess we'll see!


  1. Love how you did your December daily. Like idea of using old cards and such in it.

  2. Hi Natalie !!!This is such a perfect mini I love all those pages ...just a perfect creation!!
    Thank you so much for be such a great and dear friend and for all the lovely comments you have written in my blog in 2011!!!
    I wish a wonderful 2012!!.
    Big huges and kisses with much love.
    PS. I will write to you a email.


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