Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December Daily......... part one

Oh my goodness do you understand how satisfying it is to finally finish my December Daily?

Yes, that's right.
I mean my December Daily from 2010!!

I couldn't even contemplate doing any form of December album this year when the weight of an unfinished DD from last year was still heavy on my conscience.

And it's not like it's been locked away in a cupboard forgotten about. I've had this thing hanging around since I started it.

With all the photos printed off and scribbled on the back what day they were. With all my journaling written up there on one of my blog pages. All neatly placed together with all the supplies I was going to use.

I've taken it with me on weekends away, thinking that I'll get some done ..... and never opening the box.

By January I had all the base pages cut to shape and assembled in some kind of order.

 Around June I made a vow to finish a page every time I wanted to sit down and scrap, before I'd let myself work on anything else. I made it to page 8 before I forgot.

In August I packed it up and took it with me in the move - determined that I would get it done before the year was through.

In November I said to myself that this must be the first Christmas project I worked on before starting any other............. it wasn't.

By mid December I took the plunge and stuck all the photos in, along with the correct daily numbers. I'd been saving all my Studio Calico kit stickers to use as round base for all my labels.

Next I went through and added all the little embellishments and made sure there was enough space to write all my journaling in later. That meant I only had to take the actual album itself with me on my Christmas holidays.

In a quiet hour between celebrations I was able to sit and scrawl and finally..... FINALLY was able to say "It is done".

More pages to share coming up soon....


  1. Looks great and good on you for finally finishing. Maybe you can do a 2011 next year? lol Hope you had a wonderful christmas.

  2. This is just gorgeous natalie! i totally understand what a big job they can be... :) my 2010 DD sort of took over last year, so i decided to do one every 'other' year... now i've been admiring everyone elses and wishing I had done one again this year!! Hope you have had a lovely Christmas break... x

  3. WOW!!! This looks so great - and you have did a wonderful work!! Very pretty!:)


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