Thursday, January 19, 2012

Maybe you had to be there

I can't believe I caught this moment on camera. It doesn't look like much does it (and trust me, it wasn't)?! But this moment has recently entered our family folk-lore.

That's my brother on the left, talking to The Man on the right. We were at my cousin's wedding and the weather was just perfect for stepping outside onto the balcony for some refreshments and chit-chat whilst watching the sunset.

Now look, I don't know how the conversation came about or even how it evolved. I believe they were discussing novel solutions to the rabbit population that is plaguing our family farm. All I know is that by the end of it The Man was deeply curious to know what it would take to raise and breed goats. Goats? Huh!! That was the solution they came up with!! I believe that's a concept similar to 'lets swallow a spider to catch the fly'.......

And I wouldn't have thought too much of it if it was just a once-off conversation. But this was something that they discussed on numerous occasions over the next month. It even reached the point where The Man received a book on "Getting the Best from your Goat" for Christmas. Now this is getting ridiculous!

Possibly one day long in the future (when we may or may not be overrun with goats) I'll look back at these photos as capturing a moment in time that changed our lives forever. But my goodness..... I hope not!


  1. Great layout with a great story as well!! You have really capture the moment :)

  2. Love this natalie. The distressed numbers are awesome! I love your title too - did you die-cut the word 'Saturday' yourself? Oh and the story cracked me up too :)


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