Saturday, January 14, 2012

Year in Review album... part two

Guess what?
Yesterday's post marked the momentous occasion of 500 published posts on my blog! Whooooot! Celebrations will follow, I assure you.

But meanwhile I'll just keep the ball rolling with the rest of my Year in Review Album that I began sharing.

What I wanted to show you here was that all those Sassafras month labels are actually only stuck down on one side. There's plenty more journaling space on the back of them. Not because I wanted to keep it hidden.... I was just searching for more space!

And see all those handwritten titles? I cheated there I did! My handwriting isn't that lovely, so I used my Heidi Swapp stamps as a guide before painting and doodling over the top of them. It gives the appearance of my own writing because it's more freestyle than a perfectly stamped image. I love it.

This October spread was one of my favourites. I love this photo for a start, and the colours are just so bright and fun... perfect to capture this Spring moment.

Another thing this album brought to mind was how I didn't personally make it into any of these photos. I was much more conscious of that in 2011 and made sure to stand in front of the lens from time to time.

Because it's a bit of a shame really, and an easy trap to fall into. We're often too busy clicking the camera, than to smile and say cheese ourselves. And to have a Year in Review Album without a single appearance is a bit sad isn't it. Must make more effort!

And so now the question I'm asking myself is: should I hurry up and make a 2011 album while I'm on a roll? Or maybe I should make a 2012 album that just becomes a work in progress. (I do have my first Smash album on it's way to me as I speak!)

I've got some ideas about probably doing a bit of both of those. I am feeling very mini-excited right now!! So probably Watch This Space :-)


  1. Wow Nati what a fabulous album! Really love how you've put this together!

    Sheree xx

  2. Congrats on the mile stone!!! IM loving the look at the album! Love how you have put all the funky papers together. You really have an eye for paper matching!

  3. LOVE your year in review album, that is so cool! I love the colors too! This is just awesome! I need to do something like that! TFS!

  4. Congratulations on the 500 post milestone :). I love your little album. Such bright and fun pages!

  5. Haven't been here to have a peek for ages...but HAD to comment on this ~ what a great idea...& not too onerous. I usually do the year on a page [challenging!] but just might give this a go for 2012... keeping up with the years can be tough! Love your work:):)


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