Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mother's Day layout

I know it's been quite a while since we celebrated Mother's Day, but given I haven't even started last year's Christmas album, I think I'm doing pretty good to get this up already!

Carrying on from the video tutorial I shared with you in my last post, I was inspired to include another one of my Munchy's school project booklets on my page. I used the same techniques of binding the book edge with washi tape before sewing it on, and creating my own closing mechanism with brads and twine.

This time it was even easier as the booklet was smaller. I could almost treat it like another photo when I was planning my layout design. I splattered some mist and stuck down some stickers on the front cover to make it blend it a little more whilst still allowing her original art to shine.

This book is soooo cute. It started off with a pre-printed sentence on each page such as "My Mum is.....", "My Mum likes.....", "My Mum takes us...." etc etc which has given Munchy the opportunity to write some beautiful answers. The last page makes me cry though as she's written "I love it when my Mum sneaks in to kiss us goodnight" which is what I do every night. But what she means is that whenever I work late I have to sneak in to say goodnight to them because they're already asleep. I sure miss my girls on those days :-(

So this was one piece of school work that I really wanted to preserve. I think I've found the perfect solution by including it on my page alongside the photo I took of her giving me my Mother's Day gift. When I popped this page into it's album I also snuck in the handmade cards and awards they gave me too. That way the day's memories are all included in the one place.



  1. Ooh, Natalie , this is such a special memory you've preserved. WHEN I get time, I'm gonna go through the box of my boys' stuff & memorize it like you inspiring....& sooo sweet re the g'night kisses:):))

  2. I love your layout ;) It's gorgeous! :)

  3. Wow!!!!!! I love this layout!!! Such a good idea!!


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