Saturday, July 28, 2012

She's Got The Power

Scrapping, like all things, means sometimes you have good days and make layout after layout that you love, but other days it all just goes a little haywire and you end up with pages that you are..... well lets just say... less than satisfied with :-)

I think this page just got a little bit crazy and became way too busy. I once heard the term "product vomit" to describe a page where the creator was obviously motivated by trying to get as much product as possible onto a layout rather than focusing on the photos, or story, or art. And that's probably how I would describe this page! LOL!

However, that's not what actually happened. It was more a case of having so many fabulous products in the Studio Calico kit I was working with that I didn't know where to start. And then along the way I wasn't entirely happy with how the page was looking, so I kept trying to add more to fix it. Stopping would have been a better idea! Probably if I took off all that washi tape for a start that would be good.

And actually, I definitely was focused on telling the story as the main motivator behind this layout. The title is quoted from what I overheard Munchy telling Moodles after she prayed for Munchy's knee and it was healed! I wrote down the whole story in detail and tucked it into the Smash plastic bag along with one of my leftover feathers I made a while ago.

I don't believe scrapping is just about making perfect layouts. In fact, as far as the creative process goes, I think it's just as important to make 'mistakes' (if you want to call them that at all). But for me, my scrapping will always be about telling the story. The idea that I shouldn't share this page because it looks less than perfect sounds crazy to me. In fact, it's only inspired me to go and create more. See you around :-)



  1. Scrapbooking is about telling your story and you most certainly did! I'd call it a perfect layout!

  2. Absolutely & if you're anything like me, you tend to look at your pages later & change your mind about them anyway!!! But please leave the Washi...loving the Washi!!! And it IS a lovely story..well, not so much a story, but an anecdote that helps shape personality & beliefs, really...wonder how she will feel when she prays & it DOESN'T work...interesting! Maybe it always will for her!!!!!

  3. I really like this LO Natalie - I love the colours, adore the washi tape and the photos are just precious! - Not to mention thats another story recorded for those cute wee girls :)))
    Know what you mean though about not knowing where to start with all the yummy products out there. I love the new Studio Calico collections too - especially the travel line (I think its called 'Abroad').


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