Thursday, July 12, 2012

The one with a blog makeover, a GIVEAWAY and a new layout...

Alrighty..... so if you're reading this in a Reader then you really have to come on over and check out my awesome new blog design..

It's still not 100% refined, and there'll be some more tweaks happening in the coming days. But just come anyway and see what my amazing friend Em (from Just a Girl with Ideas) has designed for me!!

Can I tell you that working with Em on this bloggy makeover has been a dream. Every new idea I pitched her way she made happen in absolutely no time at all. She gave me suggestions when I needed them (because I've got no design savvy at all) but she still let me have free reign over what I wanted. And look at it...... I LOVE IT!!

I've got a good mind to throw a giveaway your way to celebrate.... not sure what it will be yet, and I'm away all weekend so probably won't get organised before then. OK.... how about I promise to do one as soon as possible next week? But you can start leaving comments here on this post and I'll add them all into the mix once I post it.

PS. Oh yeah... and I made this layout too! It's my sweet Moodles, asleep on the floor after a big morning. Don't you just love it when they wear themselves out so much they just crash where they're playing?!!



  1. Noticed your new look even before I read about the one born every minute ref, to...v clever:):):):). Have a great weekend away....sigh. Don't think of me working sat as well as all this, this 3 weeks cannot go fast enough 4 me!!!!!! And Em is one VERY clever cookie. Lucky you having her onside:):):)

  2. This is a beautiful soft look and I love the layout, it blends well with the blog design.

  3. Oh yes I am a reader and also a follower, love your scrapwork and your new bolg is really nice, like a place where you wnat to take a cofé and talk with a friend.
    Congratulations for your new place in webworld.
    I love the emboss efetc

  4. Totally love the new blog and the subtitle rocks!!!

  5. Beautiful new look! Love the design. Have a wonderful weekend. Fabulous layout.

  6. You Page matches your blog perfectly it looks fantastic the makeover :)

  7. love the design...gorgeous colours and so soft and pretty! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I love your blog design and the sweet layers on your page.

  9. What a fun design! Totally you- and a super sweet page!!

  10. This is really lovely. So apt for you!Very easy on the eye with its soft colours. Great layout too to introduce your new blog design.

  11. Lovely and sweet blog!!!

    Val Rodrigues

  12. Wowsers! Love ur new blog! Cute colours...I'll b back soon :)


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