Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Favourite 15 before 2015 - Photos

As you've seen, I've been joining in with Kellie Winnell's Top 15 before 2015, and my last installment is to share my favourite 5 photos.

These were all taken by me, on either my proper big dSLR or just my simple ol' iPhone and I've chosen these 5 because they showcase my family doing what they do best.

1. The Sunset Cuddle:
Yes it's true I was asking them to pose for this impromptu photoshoot, but the moment captured right here was a candid shot where they instinctively went to hug each other. I love that my girls love each other so much!
Like all my favourite photos it was only natural that it would make it's way onto a layout or Handbook spread sooner or later. Here's where I shared this one in layout form:

2. Underwater Bethany:
When I bought a LifeProof case for my iPhone it was with this specific purpose in mind - to be able to take underwater photos. It arrived with great timing as we were just about to embark on a beach holiday. Now I'm not one for reading a manual or researching techniques beforehand - I figured I would just experiment as I experienced. Ironically, this particular photo was one of the very first I ever took and turned out to be one of the best!
Handbook Page:

3. MooSaur:
By nature she's a quiet laid-back relaxed character who's ready to just 'go with the flow'.... but she's also got a quirky side, and it was out in full force the day we went to the Dinosaur Adventure exhibition! Love this photo for capturing her mood so comprehensively :-)
Handbook Spread:

4. The Country Boy:
Despite the fact that it was me who grew up on a farm, it's the Trophy Husband who has really taken this kind of lifestyle to heart. Whenever we go up to visit my parents (who still live on the farm) he's ready with any kind of excuse to try and get on the tractor or grab a gun to hunt some rabbits. He just loves it!

5. Preggers:
My sister coordinated a photoshoot to take some official photos to announce my pregnancy to the world (see them here), but it was this iPhone selfie that I took on the spot whilst springing the news on my parents that I count among my favourites too. Probably because of the reaction it elicited as the confusion turned into shock turned into excitement!

And that's it for me for 2014. I hope you have a lovely New Years Eve and I'll see you all back here again next year!


  1. Just lovely photos - they really capture your family so beautifully ...WONDERFUL!!!!

  2. That underwater photo is awesome! I think I'm going to have to get one of those cases. So cool! Happy New Year!


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