Monday, December 15, 2014

Same Same, but Different

Bethany had two piano teachers this year. Wonderful, beautiful, lovely, identical twin piano teachers.
She still can't tell them apart. 
Either can we. 

So she was in such a dilemma when it came time to giving them a Thank You / Merry Christmas gift each at her last lesson this week. When she sat down to address the tags we made to adorn each gift she realised that she wouldn't know which gift to give to which teacher!! We settled on the idea that she would just write a very generic (but meaningful) message without mentioning any names! Cheeky!

We had already purposefully made some tags earlier in the month. Tags that were very similar, but also very different. I thought that would be about right?

The tags were created by combining some letterpress labels, with the Printable Journal cards released last month with the Walden kits at Studio Calico.

I stacked those two elements up on top of a watercoloured tag and added a few extra pieces like the enamel dots on the reindeer horns (which has become a bit of a standard decoration for this little fella!)

And finished them off with a bit of my stamped Christmas ribbon.

I'll also be entering these tags into the 12 Days of Christmas challenges hosted by Papercut Labs. It obviously fits the criteria for Challenge #12 'Make it Chrismtassy'! Have you checked out the challenges there? They're quite straightforward, and you could easily combine lots of them into one project. For example, I could possibly pass this off for Challenge #4 'Stitch Something' because I ran them through my sewing machine as I usually do.

There's some pretty amazing prizes up for grabs, sponsored by all these generous companies. It's worth having a look at, trust me! You'll be hearing more from me about this in a couple of days as well...... but don't wait for that ;-)




  1. Cute unusual dilemma to have with the piano teachers!! But well solved.....I spy reindeer....!!!

  2. Very creatively solved...twinning!


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