Sunday, December 7, 2014

Letterpress Ornament Tags

I think I mentioned that I recently succumbed to the letterpress craze (better late than never I guess) and so now I'm in experimentation mode. Most of the plates I've bought so far are Christmassy, and since I'm in that frame of mind anyway it only makes sense to churn out some gift tags.

I took my Merry Ornament letterpress plate from Studio Calico (where else!?) and got to with testing it out on different papers. Even though they're all just test images I figured it's still worthwhile making them pretty, so all the paper got a little sprinkling of watercolour first.

The lime green one is made with the 'proper' thick letterpress paper whilst the other three in this photo are just plain ol' watercolour paper. Not hugely obvious which is which in the pictures hey? But the letterpress paper is actually really really thick which certainly makes for a lovely sturdy tag. The fifth tag which you can see in the first photo is ordinary printer paper and whilst it barely makes an impression it still stamps the image cleanly in this mixture of gold and silver ink I'm using, so still quite a useful little technique.

In the end I added a little finishing touch with the miniature Christmas words from the Kellie Stamps Joy set just because I find it really hard to leave things one-layered!



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