Monday, May 4, 2015

The Story of the Super Happy Fun album

Although I still consider myself a country girl (despite living in Melbourne for say um…. 14 years now!) there are definitely perks to living where I do. Like when in March both Amy Tan and Heidi Swapp came to my local Spotlight store within a few days of each other! They both taught different classes, but unfortunately I didn't have a chance to actually 'do' Amy's for various reasons. But today I'm going to share the quick little mini-album we made during Heidi's visit.

We really only put together the foundation of the pages during the class. I did not go prepared with photos in hand! All these little extra bits were added when I got home. But because of the nature of her products, this was soooo quick to assemble - especially when you've got the expert guiding you through each step of it!

Loved the combination of transparencies, envelopes, tags and memorydex cards as the different pages within it. The eclectic look always reminds me of what scrapbooking is all about - accumulating a hodge-podge of photos and memorabilia and then trying to present it in some logical order. Maybe that says more about my scrapping style than it should ;-)

Yeah so I turned it into an "I love Spring" memoir!

With just a touch of Summer as well.

The promo tour was certainly effective. I can honestly say I've fallen in love with the Wanderlust collection now, and especially how well it mixes with her previous collection September Skies (which is what I've done here). Be prepared to see more Heidi around these parts!



  1. Yep, there's no doubt Heidi's stuff is VERY usable..... love your 'mini'....such a FUN thing to do. Very eclectic...sort of like your scrapping???!!!!

  2. Congratulations ,your mini is so beautiful.
    Mireille from New Caledonia


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