Thursday, October 13, 2016

Adelaide Adventure Project Life spread

Back at the start of April we took a brief family trip to Adelaide. Sure, it's probably not considered amongst the top 10 exotic holiday locations to chose from, but it was a much needed break away from reality, and an even better excuse to catch up with some long 'lost' friends! 

Obviously I was going to have to document our adventure in my Project Life album at some stage, it's just that I'm about 6 months behind in my chronological scrapping ;-) LOL!


The good news about being 6 months behind is that when I get any of my Studio Calico Documenter Kits that are seasonally inspired - they actually hit the spot and I can use them straight away! And this double-page spread has been made with the recent Pool Party Documenter Kit which is very much a Summer themed kit, but which turned out to be perfect for what I needed.

I tried a bit of a new-for-me design tactic for this spread which was to include lots of lots of those little sub-headings with the red vellum alpha stickers. I think I like the idea of being able to quickly identify the different activities we did on our holiday, and the alphas were just the right size.

Turns out I once bought a whole packet of page protectors which include these 4x4" pockets and I'm not entirely sure that I'm such a huge fan. Mainly because there's no ready-made cards (in my stash at least) that will fit, and that means I've actually got to do "work" of cutting down patterned paper. I know I know.... #firstworldscrappingproblems right?!

So much of the story was documented on this double page spread so I'm pretty happy with the end result. Lots more catching up to do yet. Stay tuned!



  1. Looking fabulous! As always, love the amount of journaling that you do....& 4x4 are my fave size pockets, cos I mostly use my iPhone for photos these days and set it to 'square' - which turn out 4x4on my 4x6 photo paper, long as I untick 'fit to size' when printing....if that helps!!! Looks like THE perfect city for a relaxed family holiday, too !!


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