Thursday, May 6, 2010

The May Madness De-Stash Giveaway

is finally here!!!

Ok, so here's the deal. Below you'll find 8 (yes 8!) separate giveaways for the month of May. These are products that I have had in my collection for a little while now so it's time for them to go. A lot of these products are either used, or incomplete. However, there is still a lot of 'as-new' products too, and plenty of use to be had out what remains. They just need a home where they will be loved :)

7 of the 8 giveaways will be open for all international entries. The last one will be for Aussies only. Sorry.

Here are the 'rules'
  • You get to leave one comment 'for free' on every prize you would like to win 
  • You earn 5 entries for being a follower (even if you sign up just now!)
  • You earn 5 entries every time you blog about this giveaway with a link back here
  • Chloe and Amanda have earnt themselves an extra 5 entries for entering the Studio Calico competition I advertised last weekend. (Amanda, please send me another email with your address. The problem with my email has been fixed now. I am so sorry)
  • I will randomly assign people extra entries for being active members of my blog. For example, I may give people extra entries for commenting on other blog posts, or entering any of the challenges I post and things like that. 
Add up how many entries you have earnt and decide how you would like to spend them. You must leave a separate comment for each entry, and can space them out over the 8 prizes, or leave them all on the one prize you really really want to win!

Format your comments something like this:
"This is entry no.1 for being a follower" "this is entry no.2 for being a follower" etc etc
"This is entry no.1 for blogging about your giveaway here....." etc etc

I will be drawing the winners at random. There is no set date for each particular prize. But they will all be drawn before the end of the month. So check back often. 

Any questions? Leave them on this post.

Giveaway #1 Fabulous Flowers and Bling
Giveaway #2 Smashing Stamps
Giveaway #3 Delectable Die-cuts and Bling
Giveaway #4 Remarkable Ribbon
Giveaway #5 Naked Chipboard (ooh la la)
Giveaway #6 Sticker Sensation
Giveaway #7 Rub-on Roulette
Giveaway #8 The Great Paper Bonanza


  1. Wow Wow Wow Natalie!!!!!!! What fun!!! :-) So, I'm guessing I have 10 entries already (!!!) so off to the wishing well I go:-). You are such a lovely person to do this! A fab way to de-stash too :-)

  2. Yes - my main aim is to get rid of some of my things that have been sitting around for too long in my pile. The down side is, the more I get rid of, the more I feel justified in buying!!
    And yep - 10 entries for you without lifting a finger. But don't forget you also get to leave one other extra 'free' comment on as many of the prizes you would like.

  3. This is just an entry to tell you how amazing and inspiring your blog is........

  4. This is entry #2 for blogging about your giveaway......

  5. This is entry #1 for being a follower

  6. Hey what a great Giveaway ! Found you through Jacque4u2c Blog at

    I'm now one of your new followers and I invite you to visit my blog and check it out. :)

  7. So cool! I'm off to check everything out!

  8. It seems I'm waaaaay behind all these chatty ladies!!! ;D I'll have a hop around your blog now... ;)


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