Thursday, May 6, 2010

The only bad thing about teaching is

that you don't get to keep the beautiful creations yourself at the end!

We're good friends with a family from church who have 4 gorgeous children aged between 9 and 17 and when they found out I was into scrapbooking the girls were really interested in having a few crafty days together. So today was the second day I've had with them 'teaching' them how to make cards.

I was much more organised this time and had a few ideas up my sleeves, complete with sketches and supplies and what-not, but happy to still go with the flow. Which is good, because as I was blog-hopping while waiting for them to arrive, I came across this stunning card from Karen from The Bald Dragonfly that I immediately wanted to do myself.

So instead, I incorporated it into the 'teaching schedule' and we made this one:

I want to stress that I didn't make any of these cards myself, these were all done by my talented 'students'. The one above and the following three were made by my 16-year-old. How awesome is she?

How cute is that cupcake? It's covered in sprinkles. Click on the image to see more detail. 

 This one may look familiar since it's a different version of a card I showed you not that long ago here.

This rosette is actually a badge, so you can remove it and wear it. It reminds me of those children's birthday cards you buy with the badge saying 'now I am 2'. But we were actually thinking of Mother's Day!

And these two cards were made by my "just turned 9-year-old". Talk about amazing!

I told them I would post them on my blog. They're pretty excited.
I am too. My first students!
Hi Olivia
Hi Georgia


  1. Such beautiful cards! and what a stunning inspiration one you found!!

  2. Well done girls!!! Stunning work!!!

  3. Oh such adorable cards!!! I love them!!!

  4. Your cards are all so cute today!

  5. what an amazing teacher you are!!! :)

  6. I can't believe I missed this post. Thank you so much for being inspired by one of my cards, it is THE MOST GREATEST HONOR that I have ever been bestowed upon. And the students' cards are amazing! It is wonderful that you are able to teach a younger generation about your passion and give them the outlet to do so. Thanks so very much Natalie.


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