Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where the heart leads

I'll follow.

And it lead me straight into doing this collage. For no particular reason, other than just because. But I guess that's the beauty of 'art' isn't it?

I used an old atlas for this. The heart is quite thick, mounted on cardboard and it depicts a portion of Africa. I collaged a lot of ocean and sea pictures for all the pale blue around it, and then I used some aging techniques to make it a bit more 'vintage' and a bit more 'me' :-)

And just because it always looks a better in context here's a shot of it hanging up on our wall.

But where is the time going I ask? It's almost the end of the month again, so I better draw out another winner of a prize from the May Madness Giveaway.

Today's prize is #4 Remarkable Ribbon. And the winner, chosen by is.......

*** Jen ***

(Obviously, I've already got your address Jen so no need to email me again. I'll pack it up with your other prize!)

Only one more prize to draw - the one that everyone wants to win it seems! So do your last-minute blogging about it, or whatever it takes to get all your entries in. Because I'm going to draw the winner for Giveaway #1 Fabulous Flowers and Bling on Monday.

Oh, and I haven't heard from Amy or Stralunata yet either. If I haven't heard from them by Tuesday I'll be re-drawing their prizes too.  So I'll re-open the comments on #2 Smashing Stamps, and #6 Sticker Sensation in case you want to pop some more entries into them on the off chance they don't contact me.


  1. Woooohooooo!! Thanks so much, Natalie! I'm super excited!
    I just love this collage! What made you choose the main portion as Africa- favorite spot?
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog- it SO makes my day! :) And I know you already saw our friend in the top 20 for gallery idol! Way to go Karen!
    Have a lovely day- off to make a card with...BANNERS! I'm so excited about this set! You'll have to check it out!

  2. Hi Natalie :-) this collage is really sweet - looks lovely on the wall there :-)

  3. Wow I love this, how gorgeous framed on the cream wall, and I bet it looks even better in real life, I also love the vase next to it with the gorgeous circle flowers on, is this the creative wall. Great job. Have you been to Africa, just wondering if this is why you chose this to scrap or is it a dream to get there? Love to you, Melxx

  4. What a pretty heart! I would love to see more up close shots of it, to get a sense of the thickness and look of it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh Natalie, I'm sooo bookmarking this! It's gorgeous and I want to make something like this!

  6. Love your gorgeous heart art! :-)


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