Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm going down (Alice is in town)

Yes, I may be going just a little bit crazy :-)

The newest challenge at From Screen 2 Scrap is up everyone!!! And you're going to love it, and be so inspired to create something!

For the month of June you need to take the movie poster for Alice in Wonderland as your inspiration and let it speak to you about what you should make. Here's a look at it:

OOohhh, so many possibilities :-) At least, that's what I thought when I saw the poster.
I love the craziness of this, and it's all about the fun and colour and whimsy to me. I could have easily taken any one of the elements from this poster to feature on my layout (ie. the roses, the funny trees, the rabbit, the mushrooms, the clock) but instead.......

I chose them all (insert crazy laugh here!!)

I wanted this layout to be as fun and colourful as possible. So I first started off by painting with a few watercolours on my plain white cardstock. After that I added a coat of shimmery glimmery glaze over the top of it all. You can't quite see it in the photo above.....

How about now?

And then I printed out a tonne of digital elements from kits I've bought from Little Dreamer Designs (all by CD Muckosky....... love love love her stuff. I may have mentioned that before!) and cut them all out and arranged them all over my page. Of course, being digital images they don't have any dimension, so apart from sticking some of them up on foam tape, I also added all those buttons and sequins and doo-dads for a bit more texture.

Of course, I also added some bunting :-)
And if you look closely in the picture above you'll be able to see my white rabbit and clock (2 out of the 3 additional optional criteria for the June challenge)

The photo is of Munchy at Easter time. Her great-grandparents gave her these rabbit ears and she barely took them off the whole day. In fact, it was only when she decided she should wear them around her tummy, and promptly broke them that she was forced to stop wearing them. But only long enough for me to fix them up again.

I hope you'll play along with us at From Screen 2 Scrap this month. It's going to be so much fun, I can anticipate lots of cheery and bright layouts coming our way. And there's plenty of prizes on offer too! Maybe I'll see you over there?


  1. Love the crazy laughter!!! Ha!
    This is such a fun & colorful lo- I love all the elements- and how you managed to make those digital images dimensional is fabulous!

  2. This sure is bright and fun! Love it :-)

  3. Ok, so this is cute, and fun and makes me smile. I'm sure your little one will absolutely love it now and times to come!

  4. i absolutely love this! What is it with you "Aussies"? You seem to have an amazing eye for colour and make the most beautiful creations! ;) :) Have a nice day!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! That says it all I think! The FSTS challenge is on my to-do-list, if I ever get around to actually doing it LOL!!!
    xxxx Peggy


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